Monday, July 27, 2015

Outfit: Burgundy and Boots





Jana Rahbini black ankle boot

Burgundy and boots are things I would usually associate with autumn, not summer, but then if you had looked out of the window on Monday morning you would have been forgiven for thinking that perhaps it was autumn. It was grey, it was raining, it was cold. So boots and layers and an autumn hue made for a great outfit for a grey day.

Blazer – Long Tall Sally (sale)
T shirt – Next (charity shop)
Jeans – Dorothy Perkins Tall
Boots – c/o Sarenza
Necklace – gifted
Bracelets – gifted

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Outfit: Shirt and Jeans




Priceless yellow

I don’t own many items featuring a vertical stripe, but this is one of the few I do own. Vertical stripes pair just as well with denim as horizontal ones do and a button down is an easy way to smarten up an outfit with jeans. As are heels and wedge heels with an ankle strap are the comfiest kind.

Shirt – Next (sale)
Jeans – New Look
Shoes – Priceless Shoes
Belt – charity shop
Necklace – Dorothy Perkins (sale)

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Saturday, July 18, 2015


We were off work this week and had a bit of an adventure in a forest in North Yorkshire on Thursday when we went segway riding.

Top - H&M
Waistcoat - Primark
Jeans - Long Tall Sally
Sunglasses - Boots
Necklace - New Look (sale)
Trainers - Skechers

Friday, July 10, 2015

Outfit: Striped Dress





My love of all things striped extends beyond the traditional Breton tops, and right into dresses. This dress is really just a super long t-shirt which makes it super easy to wear, and comfortable to boot.


The weather has taken a bit of a nosedive this week, with rain and cooler temperatures (business as usual for a UK summer then!) so it was a good opportunity to pull out some ankle boots for a change from all the ballet flats.

Dress – River Island
Boots – F&F at Tesco
Belt – River Island
Necklace – Dorothy Perkins (sale)
Bandeau – New Look (sale)

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Review: Esprit EDC Top

I wore this striped top yesterday and I wanted to post a quick review of it – so excuse the photographs which I snapped late last night. I’ve included the one from the Esprit website too which is much better quality.

I bought this top from Spartoo back in April or May, using my birthday money and a voucher I had for the site. I knew Esprit clothing was good quality and you can never have too many striped tops, right? Turns out that maybe you can as Sunday was the first time I wore this! I love it though – so much so that I wore it yesterday too. The fabric is about 18% polyester and about 5% elastane which means it doesn’t stretch out in that annoying way that 100% cotton tops tend to do. The length in the body is amazing and the ¾ sleeves are actually ¾ length on me, and not above the elbow as is usually the case.

Checking the Esprit website the top is still available but it says it’s 100% cotton, so either the website is wrong or they’ve changed the fabric composition, which would be a shame. Either way, it’s also available in a navy stripe with red print if you prefer.

This post is not sponsored though if someone from Esprit or Spartoo is reading and would like to send me payment or goodies that would be OK with me!

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Outfit: Outside and Inside






The UK is in the midst of some lovely weather at the moment and outside it is pretty hot. Like, stepping off the plane in a hot country hot. Inside? Not so much. My office has the most ferocious air conditioning and it is centrally controlled from another building (why?!) so there’s nothing I can do about it. Seriously, on the hottest two days this week it was like walking into a fridge after being outside. Which was refreshing for about two minutes, but you try sitting in a fridge for a prolonged period and your fingers will turn blue too. I wish I was kidding, but I did have blue finger ends yesterday. Fortunately there are picnic benches in the office garden, and there is wifi, and I have a laptop so when I need to warm up I can decamp to a sunny spot and thaw out.

Anyway, all this complaining is to say that I need layers for work. A vest/tank top layer for outside and a sweater (in July, I know!) and a jacket (that I didn’t photograph but it’s the bright orange one you’ve seen lots of times before) for inside. Gah.

Sweater – Forever 21
Tank – Zara (sale)
Jeans – Primark (gifted)
Necklace – vintage (it belonged to my grandma)
Flip flops – Reef (bought in Manly, Australia)
Belt – River Island

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Outfit: A Dress and a Jacket






Some summer weather finally arrived this week and, despite the casual dress code in the office, I decided it was time to break out a dress for a change. It was certainly much cooler than jeans would have been. This dress is old (which is just as well as the straps got covered in sunscreen at lunchtime) and is far too low cut at the front so I added a bandeau underneath to make it work appropriate but not add a full extra layer that I didn’t need.

Dress – Next
Bandeau – New Look
Shoes – Georgia Rose (c/o Sarenza)
Belt – haberdashery
Bangles – Oxfam
Necklace – Dorothy Perkins (sale)
Jacket - Warehouse (charity shop)

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